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Change the Script

I overheard a rather worrisome conversation the other day. It was between a woman and her older brother. 

She was frantically sobbing and he was trying (failing) to console her.  

“Promise you will not leave me here. I need to be away from here!” 

“Relax! I could never leave you at the mercy of these awful people.”

“Can you take me now? Please, Bhai, abhi?!” 

“Be patient little sister. Just wait until I talk to your Bhabhi (sister-in -law). She needs to be okay with you moving in. It is a really busy time as the kids just started up school after the summer break. ”

“Please take me now. Don’t leave me here! I have nowhere else to go.” 

“I promise, just wait a bit. Sabr karo. “

The woman starts sobbing uncontrollably while  as her brother sighs. 

This was a scene from a drama serial, however it could have just as well have been a real conversation.  

Our damsel-in-distress's marriage is over and she needs a place to stay. The only place she can think of is her brother's home. However, everyone needed to be consulted before she could move in. That makes sense. I do not buy the whole vilify the sister-in-law schtick anyway. 

Hmmm, I don’t like the way that scene ended. It’s due for a re-write. Let’s try this again. 

There is one major change I have made to the script.  The young woman has personal savings of her own, is an employed teacher and is well-aware of her legal rights.  

This time around the siblings are having a phone conversation. 

“Bhai, I am glad you called. I am doing ok. Just rented out a portion in the old neighbourhood”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come over?  How are you doing about money? ”

“No, no it’s okay. I mean, I would love to see all of you, but please don’t rush on my accord. As for the money, I have enough set aside plus Abu had gifted my share at graduation, remember?”

“Yes, Abu was always prudent about such matters. Oh, how are the *khula (dissolution of  marriage) proceedings? Any development?”

“ Just the final step now. I am filing an application before the Chairman Union Council this coming Monday for the dissolution of marriage certificate”. 

“All will go well, Insha’Allah. Very proud of how you have managed this whole situation!  You know you can always come to me if you need anything. I am still your older brother! “ 

“Ji Bhai, your support means the world to me.”


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