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Change the Script

I overheard a rather worrisome conversation the other day. It was between a woman and her older brother. 

She was frantically sobbing and he was trying (failing) to console her.  

“Promise you will not leave me here. I need to be away from here!” 

“Relax! I could never leave you at the mercy of these awful people.”

“Can you take me now? Please, Bhai, abhi?!” 

“Be patient little sister. Just wait until I talk to your Bhabhi (sister-in -law). She needs to be okay with you moving in. It is a really busy time as the kids just started up school after the summer break. ”

“Please take me now. Don’t leave me here! I have nowhere else to go.” 

“I promise, just wait a bit. Sabr karo. “

The woman starts sobbing uncontrollably while  as her brother sighs. 

This was a scene from a drama serial, however it could have just as well have been a real conversation.  

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