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Financial Rights + Women + Islam

Contrary to popular belief, Islam affords women financial security. A married woman in Islam retains her independent legal personality and her family name. Child support and Alimony are not limited to the Western world. Married Muslim women are entitled to full financial support during marriage and during their 'Iddah" (waiting period after divorce). In the case of a divorce, a woman with children is entitled to child support. 
Cultural misconceptions and deep-rooted misogyny have resulted in Muslim women being denied their right to financial security. 
It is vital to note that women are not responsible for any financial obligations related to running and maintaining a household and the family within it.  Before marriage, it is the duty of her father or brother to maintain her lodging, boarding, clothing and other financial concerns. After marriage, these concerns become the duty of her husband or her son. 
Working women are not obligated to spend her earnings on the household, …